Mission and Vision of PACT SchoolPrincipal's Message

Stevenson PACT Elementary School, Mountain View’s alternative progressive school, is committed to educating the whole child in a collaborative community. Stevenson has been leading the region as a model for progressive education since 1996 and was founded on the fundamental belief in the importance of teachers, children, and parents working together to create a vibrant learning environment. Stevenson is committed to providing a balanced education that teaches to the whole child, incorporating the intellectual, creative, social, physical, and emotional growth of our students.

At Stevenson PACT, we believe that by utilizing a developmental approach grounded in hands-on education, students will realize their full potential as independent thinkers, life-long learners, and responsible citizens.

In order to prepare our students for the 21st century, we use Project Based Learning (PBL) that spans multiple disciplines. In these projects, students investigate answers to questions such as, “how did social status determine an individual’s quality of life in colonial America?” or “how do resources impact people’s decisions to produce and consume?”  One unique aspect of PBL is that students are faced with the challenge of answering these questions on their own or via collaboration with their peers.  If the students reach a dead end, they are guided to look at the question in a different way, as opposed to giving up or asking the teacher for the correct answer.  The ability to examine problems differently, with the understanding that there is more than one way to find an answer, has been shown by research to be a predictor of academic success later in life.  Once the students answer their question, they revise their work and present their learning to an authentic audience. 


Along with PBL, we offer a variety of educational programs including gardening, music, cooking and Arts Focus.  Arts Focus is a multi-grade level program that gives students the opportunity to explore different forms of art.  Arts Focus runs for twelve Thursdays during the year and exposes students to stop-motion animation, painting, photography and other art forms. 


Much of what we do at our school is achievable thanks to the collaborative community of Stevenson PACT families, faculty and staff.  Parents and guardians help the teachers in the classroom, on average, two hours a week and volunteer four hours a month to help run various committees and projects.  With adult volunteers in the classroom we are able to have small group rotations that provide our teachers with the flexibility to differentiate instruction for individual student needs.  At Stevenson PACT, we value parent/guardian involvement and work with all families to provide a variety of ways to be involved with the school if volunteering in the classrooms is not possible. 


As a school we are continually developing and improving our practice. To learn more about the exciting things happening at Stevenson PACT, I invite you to join us at one of our information nights.


Warm Regards,

Rebecca Westover

Principal Stevenson PACT