PACT Foundation

The PACT Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, supports the mission and vision of Stevenson PACT’s progressive education program through organizing parent volunteers and providing financial support made possible by the generous donations from Stevenson PACT families. Parents and legal guardians of children enrolled in Stevenson PACT Elementary School, teachers, and staff are automatically eligible to be members of the PACT Foundation.

PACT Foundation Board of Directors

The PACT Foundation Board of Directors oversees all volunteer committees and volunteer organization, sets general guidelines and policies about fundraising and volunteerism, manages the PACT Foundation budget, and coordinates and collaborates with both the school administration and the School Site Council. The Board is elected annually by the members of the PACT Foundation.

The 2016-17 Board of Directors are:

  • This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Chair
  • Bryan Juliano, Vice Chair
  • Priyangi Fernando, Treasurer
  • Alicia Dabney, Secretary
  • Archana Upadhayay, Community and Membership Director
  • Elizabeth Eaton, Curriculum Director
  • Heidi Billington, Enrichment Director

Foundation Meetings & Class Representation

PACT Foundation meetings are held once a month and everyone is invited and welcome to attend.

Each class appoints a representative from their class to attend meetings in order to maintain communication between the Foundation and parents. Two teachers representatives also attend the meetings as well as the school principal. Agendas are posted to the community at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting and any Foundation member is able to suggest items for discussion. Remote access is also given to the meetings for those who cannot attend in person.

Foundation Committees - School-wide Volunteering

The PACT Foundation oversees the volunteer efforts in support of the community. Parents are asked to join one of the school-wide committees and spend approximately 20-30 hours volunteering over the course of the entire year. Committee jobs are organized in a way to provide opportunities for parents who prefer to volunteer during the day and parents who prefer to work from home, after hours, or on the weekends. Through the committee placement process, our committee coordinator tries to make the best match given parents preferences.

Committees vary slightly from year to year but generally include: Arts Focus, Fundraising, Walkathon, Garden/Cooking, Publicity and Outreach, Project Cornerstone, Babysitting, Library, and Social/Community Events.