Stevenson PACT has well-developed co-curricular programs in garden, cooking, and the arts, through Arts Focus. These programs are integrated into the core classroom curriculum and augment student learning with hands-on, real-world experiences. Teachers and parents collaborate extensively in order to create these high quality learning opportunities for our students.

Cooking Supports Curriculum

It is a misconception that cooking in schools only has to do with nutrition, where our food comes from, and recipe preparation.  Those lessons are practical and hugely useful for survival but it can be so much more.  

PACT has used cooking as way of introducing curriculum support for years.  We call this culinary enrichment.

Imagine a lesson where kids are fully engaged, hypothesizing what will happen and watching their experiment come to life.  Even better, at the end, you get to eat the results.  That is a brief introduction to cooking as it is envisioned at PACT.


Garden in Education

Our garden program allows students to work with parents in small groups to investigate science, social studies, and language arts by learning in our outdoor classroom.  Each classroom has their section of the garden where they plant, tend, and harvest vegetables year round.

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Kinder - Third Grade Music

Like other schools in the district, Stevenson PACT students in the early grades have music instruction through CSMA guest teachers, who hired by the district using funds raised by MVEF.  Classes are integrated into the weekly schedule for classes, as arranged by teachers.

Fourth Grade

In the fourth grade, all students learn the recorder. This is also taught through CSMA teachers. Student participate in an end of the year concert.

Fifth Grade

In fifth grade, students have the choice to learn a musical instrument - both wind and string instruments. Teachers from CSMA come to school and conduct these lessons. For students who do not want to learn an instrument, they are able to take a CSMA-led art class as an alternative.

After School Music

Second through fifth graders have the option of joining the CSMA chorus class which is held on Thursdays after school. Students participate in two concerts: a holiday concert and an year-end concert that brings together the choruses from all of the elementary schools. This program is supported through funding from the PACT Foundation.