Stevenson PACT has well-developed co-curricular programs in garden, cooking, and the arts, through Arts Focus. These programs are integrated into the core classroom curriculum and augment student learning with hands-on, real-world experiences. Teachers and parents collaborate extensively in order to create these high quality learning opportunities for our students.

Cooking Supports Curriculum

It is a misconception that cooking in schools only has to do with nutrition, where our food comes from, and recipe preparation. Those lessons are practical and hugely useful but at Stevenson PACT Elementary School we believe cooking can be so much more.  

Stevenson PACT has uses cooking as way of creating hands-on ways for students to engage with content in English language arts, math, social studies, and science.

Imagine a lesson where kids are fully engaged, hypothesizing what will happen and watching their experiment come to life.  Even better, at the end, you get to eat the results.


Garden in Education

Science.  Math.  Language arts.  Social studies.  Various components in the core curriculum are an integral part of PACT's unique gardening curriculum, where children use multiple senses to reinforce what they have learned in the classroom. 

Our garden program allows students to work with parents in small groups to investigate science, social studies, and language arts by learning in our outdoor classroom.  Each classroom has their section of the garden where they plant, tend, and harvest vegetables year round.

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Like other schools in the district, Stevenson PACT receives art and music through the district contract with the Community School of Music and Arts (CSMA), which is made possible by the funding provided by the Mountain View Educational Foundation (MVEF). Classes are integrated into the weekly schedule as arranged by teachers.

MVEF funded music through CSMA

Kinder - 2nd Grade: weekly music lessons, totaling 11 hours of music instruction. Early focus is on melody, rhythm and harmony as well as playing simple instruments and creative movement.

3rd - 4th Grade: weekly music lessons, totaling 16.5 hours of music instruction. Fourth graders begin learning an instrument with instruction on playing the recorder, helping them to learn to read music and preparing them for the band or strings program in 5th grade.

5th Grade: weekly music lessons, totaling 33 hours of musical instruction in child's instrument of choice, either strings or band instruments. Students learn to read music and play in an ensemble.

More information about the curriculum used by CSMA can be found on the CSMA Music4Schools website.

Music in Action Program: third through 5th graders attend periodic performances by professional musicians on site at Stevenson. Performances promote cultural diversity, musical history and geography.

After School Music

Second through fifth graders have the option of joining the CSMA chorus class which is held on Thursdays after school. Students participate in two concerts: a holiday concert and an year-end concert that brings together the choruses from all of the elementary schools. This program is supported through funding from the PACT Foundation.