Garden in Education

Science.  Math.  Language arts.  Social studies.  Various components in the core curriculum are an integral part of PACT's unique gardening curriculum, where children use multiple senses to reinforce what they have learned in the classroom. 

Our garden program allows students to work with parents in small groups to investigate science, social studies, and language arts by learning in our outdoor classroom.  Each classroom has their section of the garden where they plant, tend, and harvest vegetables year round.

During the 2017-18 school year, while our new campus is under construction, garden parents will be working with small, new plots as well as potted gardens. The lessons will be as usual, however, where parents work in conjunction with teachers to design lessons linked to social studies, history, and science standards. Students study, plant, maintain, and harvest produce throughout the year. As they learn about the plants in the garden, students make observations in their notebooks, write poetry, and read books about how each plant is used in food production, history, and in different cultures.

Theresa gives a demo class

The garden program is supported by a committee of dedicated volunteers who collaborate on lesson planning and help to maintain the primary school garden.

We are excited that our school is part of the movement toward creating organic gardens as a teaching tool.