For families needing stable after-school child enrichment and care, PACT volunteers have orchestrated a unique onsite program called PACT PALS.  In cooperation/collaboration with various non-profit groups, additional school-wide after-school activities are available.  Below is a partial list of onsite programs (including extra curricula activities organized by PACT parents that are not technically child care services) and sites that includes a pickup service.  Concurrent engagement can vary from year to year.

Unrelated to the school, PACT families who are Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts volunteers sometimes organize meetings on campus.  Current and past PACT families have also created offsite extracurricular nonprofits such as Mountain View Hackerlings.  Check respective Web sites/representatives for more details.


In true PACT spirit, PACT parents orchestrated this one-stop shop onsite after-school care at Stevenson School. It consists of a la carte enrichment classes taught by various professional extracurricular service providers, and extended care by Newton Center. (Enrichment classes are also assisted by parent volunteers.)  Combining PACT PALS and Newton Centers care allows a student to stay on campus till up to 6pm.  Cost of each class and extended care session is incremental. Your total cost depends on total time and selection of classes, starting from $10 a week.  Past classes include Spanish, Drama, Mandarin, Karate, Chess, Newton Center, Tae Kwon Do, Public Speaking, Web programming, and so on.

Here is the current schedule of classes.



The YMCA of Silicon Valley provides after-school care at Theuerkauf Kids' Place (room 25), right next to Stevenson Elementary School near the soccer field. Staff pick up the students to walk over right after school. YMCA Kids' Place includes all minimum days at the same low daily cost. No-school days are generally provided to students, however please refer to our closure dates.

  • There is an packet of forms for YMCA including insurance and doctor information, authorized people who can pick up your child, emergency contacts, and vaccination information. If you ever plan to use YMCA, you will want to have your paperwork filled out well in advance.
  • YMCA covers all the minimum days, school holidays, and in-service days at no extra cost beyond the monthly fee (please refer to our closure dates).
  • Vacation weeks are covered, at extra charge, by YMCA Kids' Place. These week-long "camps" will be held at a few site to consolidate children for larger-based projects and field trips.
  • Kids’ Place will coordinate with parents and Stevenson Elementary to make sure students are able to take part in PACT PALS classes, while being walked with a trained staff between our site and the class location.


To find out more or take a tour, contact YMCA Silicon Valley directly at 650.9641084 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .