Why Stevenson PACT?

Progressive education and a rich community experience await you at Stevenson PACT Elementary School. As a public school Stevenson PACT follows all state curriculum guidelines. Although our test scores are among the top in the district, we focus on the process of teaching and learning over all else. Our graduates are intentionally prepared to be strong communicators, effective collaborators, and creative problem solvers.

In addition, our whole-child approach has helped students:

  1. Enrich their social and emotional learning at this critical developmental time.
  2. Become responsible for, and ingrain a life-long love of learning.

Stevenson PACT is a wonderful environment, but the curriculum and classroom environment do not suit every child or every family. The best way to determine whether Stevenson PACT suites your child's needs is to come to one of our enrollment events and speak to other parents and teachers.

A Glimpse of Stevenson PACT

If you were to visit Stevenson PACT, you would see what makes our education and community unique. You might see:

  • kindergartners measuring and weighing the vegetables they grew in the garden with parents.
  • a 1st grade class working on PBL projects to answer “How does data help me understand the world around me?”
  • a 4th grader helping a kindergartner make handmade paper in Arts Focus.
  • a circle of 5th graders reenacting Colonial life as experienced from different social classes.
  • teachers and parents collaborating to plan community events celebrating cultural diversity.
  • parents teaching plant life cycle, math, and descriptive writing as 3rd graders work in the garden.
  • teachers facilitating student conversations about the impact our actions have on the environment.
  • parents with their children watering their class garden over the weekend.