Ms. SarahMeet Ms. Sarah

Sarah Loyola says her parents prepared her for teaching. “They gave me the tools to succeed: parent involvement and their own love of learning,” says the teacher. Parent participation and involvement in children’s education is a key inspiration for student success. “In junior high, my dad sat with me night after night doing math homework. He answered all of my questions, and even though we had some long nights, I ended up in AP calculus!”

Sarah’s parents sent her and her brother to Berkwood Hedge School, a school founded on the philosophy that children construct their own knowledge of the world through active and collaborative exploration of their learning environment. She learned to express herself artistically, and followed her interest in painting throughout college. She earned a Studio Art degree from UCLA. She studied in Italy for one year, and is fluent in Italian.

Sarah earned her teaching credential after teaching art to kindergartners and first graders for the Museum of Children’s Art in Oakland. “I liked being with the kids and teaching art, so I thought teaching could be for me,” she says. She enjoys all of the hands on activities she can offer her students at Stevenson PACT. And she still gets to teach her favorite subject—art!