KyleMeet Ms. Sharp

Ms. Sharp joined the teaching staff during the 2017-18 school year as a member of the fourth-grade team. Ms. Sharp calls Santa Barbara home, although she is a dual citizen and spent 9 years of her childhood in New Zealand. She has been living and working in San Luis Obispo(SLO) for the past 5 years while attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where she earned her undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Physical Science. She stayed in SLO to complete her Elementary Teaching Credential and took on a long term subbing position in second grade for 6 months. 

Ms. Sharp’s experience with two vastly different forms of education during her childhood in New Zealand and the United States gave her motivation to pursue a career in teaching and an interest in merging the two types of teaching styles. She says, “Stevenson reminds me of my education in New Zealand as our school teaches skills that go outside of the basic academic realm. Likewise, my parents were very involved in my education and have been great role models for me throughout my schooling so I wanted to be in an environment with like-minded people who also appreciate the importance in building skills for all students.” 

As a teacher, she maintains four primary goals:

  • Create a safe, supportive classroom environment that encourages all learners
  • Foster self-awareness, self-reflection, and goal setting to understand our needs as learners 
  • Develop students' skills both academically and socially to help them grow as individuals
  • Challenge students to see multiple perspectives and appreciate them 

When she is not busy teaching and working, Ms. Sharp likes to read, find local food trucks (!), go to the beach, and do spin classes.