Stan AdermannMeet Mr. A

For Stan Adermann, the experience of multi-grade classrooms, thematic instruction, and parent participation in class began with his own schooling. His elementary school combined kindergarten through sixth grade. “It was a philosophical choice at the school to teach multiple ages together, not because there were too few students.” They worked together on large projects, like building adobe structures and growing a garden full of indigenous plants. His early exposure to arts, music, and many field trips are evident in his teaching today. His class goes out frequently for first hand experiences, and art often figures into his lesson plans.

Parents in the classroom are important to him, too. “The best part of parent participation in school,” he says, “is that everyone has different experiences, talents, and expertise. A parent may connect on something with one or two kids, and that connection might not have been available otherwise.” Parents bring into the classroom diverse professional, cultural and personal qualities that help create well-rounded students.