Ms. KatrinaMeet Ms. Katrina

Ms. Katrina has taught various grades at PACT, and before that taught high school French and Social Studies. She was attracted to PACT because of the strong community and the philosophical model. As a parent she experienced a variety of schools with her children, including parent participation schools. She enjoys teaching in a multi-age classroom, because she has seen it work very well. She also enjoys teaching thinking skills.

As a child, Katrina was interested in swimming and languages. She moved often and attended many different schools. She lived in the Bay Area, as well as in the Netherlands, France, and Norway.

Katrina has one daughter in college, one daughter taking a gap year, and a son in high school. Her husband is a Chemistry teacher. Katrina enjoys sharing with her students about the guide dog puppy they raised and her backyard beehive. It has led to many discussions about things such as disabilities, community service, and the importance of plant pollination.