Our Philosophy and Goals

PACT program offers children a developmental education within a compassionate and creative environment. Hands-on experimentation, small group learning, research and guided discovery are all teaching methods used in PACT classrooms. PACT’s educational goals are facilitated by a strong collaboration between teachers and parents. Parents enhance teacher curriculum through enrichment activities such as a strong Arts Focus program, abundant field trips, working in an educational garden, and providing cooking, music, and more.

Provide Developmental Learning Opportunities

Developmental learning means that educational challenges are presented based on a child’s readiness, not on his or her age or grade. With Stevenson PACT parents aiding in the classrooms, teachers spend more time working with small groups, making it easier to assess and support each child.

Develop Innovative Teaching Methods and Curriculum

In acknowledgement of individual learning styles, Stevenson PACT teachers and parents use a variety of teaching methods to engage all children. Material is frequently presented in an experiential, hands-on manner that allows children to gain knowledge through research and guided discovery. To achieve differentiated instruction and to allow small child-to-adult ratios, our classrooms may have several learning centers running simultaneously.

Stevenson PACT parents are encouraged to bring their own expertise into the classroom. Enrichment activities have included an extensive arts program, gardening, carpentry, electricity, dance and unique field trips.

Build A Strong Community

A sense of community is naturally established in each classroom as teachers, parents and children regularly work together. We also strive to create a greater sense of community by holding family outings throughout the year. These activities, combined with school-wide events like family game night, help to build community at all levels.