Supporting Stevenson PACTVoting Project

Stevenson PACT parents support the school on many levels and in many ways. Built on the philosophy that children will be more successful when their parents are involved in their education and work closely with teachers, Stevenson parents are encouraged to embrace the opportunities to engage with the teaching and learning at the school and support the mission and vision of the school. We believe that all parents play a central role in the education of their children and want to leverage that experience and knowledge to make our school a more vibrant place to learn.

As a public school, we recognize the power of diversity and seek to actively recruit and support a diverse group of families. We find ways to make volunteerism accessible for your needs — there are opportunities to contribute in most areas both during school hours and outside school hours including from home. 


Parent Volunteerism

Parents are encouraged to be active in our community of learners. Parent volunteers support the students, the teachers, and the school. The following are general expectations of all families; however, parents work closely with teachers and class coordinators to find the best volunteer match that suits parents' talents, interests, and availability.

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Annual Fundraising

The school relies on the generous donations of the Stevenson PACT community to support the activities of Stevenson’s progressive education program. The PACT Foundation has a philosophy of minimizing the number of fundraising requests that are made of parents, preferring to ask parents for a one-time annual, tax-deductible gift. The PACT Foundation strives for 100% participation from families. The suggested donation is a $300 tax-deductible donation per child. Donations at every level are appreciated and families are asked to give in a way that is comfortable to them. All donations have an immediate and tangible impact on all students in the school.

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Jumping for walkathon!Walkathon

The annual Walkathon is our primary community fundraiser and most exciting all-school event of the year. Students of all grades walk laps around campus, collecting donations from family, friends, and neighbors for each circuit they complete. Walkathon represents a tremendous grass-roots effort as hundreds of families come together to support their own school. All parents are asked to participate in the Walkathon both by volunteering on the day of the event and helping to obtain donations.

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