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Dear Stingray Families,

Thank you to all the parents and staff that participated in our district’s ThoughtExchange to provide input for our Distance Learning Plan. Our district staff has been hard at work over the past week to continue making our learning at home work for all our students. This communication outlines how Stevenson will distribute student materials and provides details of our district’s Distance Learning Plan.  Our Distance Learning Plan will begin on April 20th.

This week, our teachers will continue to provide the Flexible Learning Options.


In order to reach all students with a variety of resources, we are providing parents with the opportunity to pick up their child’s academic consumable materials. 

Materials will include:

  • Math, ELA, and Social Studies consumable materials
  • Teachers will also place other personal items in the bags that were left in students’ desks, such as eye glasses, pencil boxes, headphones, and other similar items. 
  • Please note that we will not be able to collect any materials from families at this time (such as school or classroom library books).

Materials will be placed in a plastic bag and will be available for pick up on Wednesday, April 15th and Thursday, April 16th. Pick-up procedures will be in accordance with our county social distancing guidelines. 

Please plan to pick up your child’s belongings at these listed times:

Wednesday, April 15th

Thursday, April 16th


Last Name A-D


Last Name M-R


Last Name E-L


Last Name S-Z

Pick-up Procedures

Car Pick-up

  • Cars will enter the parking lot and stop near the front of the MUR.

  • Car windows are to remain up. Only if needed, please remember to keep 6 ft.  distance for communication.

  • Parents will place a paper sign up in their car that includes their child's first and last name clearly written for a staff member to read. 

  • A staff member will then locate the child's bag in the MUR.

  • Parents will pop open or unlock the trunk of the car.

  • Staff will then place the bag of materials in the trunk.

Walk-In Procedures

  • A sign will be placed near the front office for parents walking to get student materials. There will also be markings on the ground for 6 ft. social distancing.

  • Parents will wait at the indicated sign.

  • A staff member will be 6 ft. away and ask for their child's first and last name.

  • A staff member will then locate the student's bag and place the bag on a table at a safe distance.

  • Parent will then pick up the bag.


This week, our teachers have provided the Flexible Learning Options for students.  Teachers will be working to organize students’ materials and participating in professional development in order to sharpen their technology skills in anticipation of the implementation of our formal Distance Learning Plan. 

We will begin our new Distance Learning Plan on April 20th.

What does the Distance Learning Plan look like?

e-Learning and Paper/Pencil 

  • All students will have access to MVWSD’s Distance Learning Plan. 

    • Students will be able to learn using computer and internet resourc

    • Students will also be able to use physical, paper instructional materials for at-home learning.  Please see information provided above in this notice on how to pick-up your child’s school consumable materials. 

Weekly Schedules 

  • Teachers will provide weekly schedules with lessons and activities for Monday-Friday.

  • Teachers will email the weekly schedule by Monday each week.  Weekly schedules can also be found on our new Stevenson DLP Dashboard (Links will be provided by April 20th).  The Dashboard will be posted on our school’s website and will be updated by Monday morning each week.

  • All assignments will be located in Google Classroom. If your class is currently not using Google Classroom, your teacher will be in contact with you by April 20th to provide you access to Google Classroom. Please refer to this document for further instructions on how parents can access the Google Classroom App

  • In order to give teachers time with their own families as well as preserve the opportunity for families to pick up free meals at Mistral’s campus, teachers will not be available from 11:30am to 1:00pm daily.


  • Teachers will provide two lessons per subject each week for Math, ELA, STEAM, Social Studies, and English Language Development. 

  • Lessons may include live video (synchronous), video-recorded lessons (asynchronous), and links to lessons prepared by others. 

  • Teachers will also continue to include additional resources as well as assignments from student workbooks.

  • PE with Rhythm and Moves and Art & Music with CSMA will also be provided. 

  • PE teachers will be conducting live video lessons twice per week. Your child’s teacher will include the Zoom link and day/time for PE in Google Classroom each Monday.

  • Our school librarian, Ms. Donahue, will be providing read-alouds for K-2nd grade and will begin book clubs for grades 3-5.

  • Students will receive feedback from their teachers to maximize learning; however, students will not be graded on their assignments. 

  • Teachers will also provide parent resources to help at home.

Check-Ins and Office Hours

  • Teachers will have two weekly check-ins via Zoom. One on Tuesday and one on Thursday. They will communicate their check-in schedules with you. Teachers will contact by phone any students who do not have Internet access. 

  • They will also send out personal messages by email or video to students and families at least twice per week.

  • Teachers will continue to have office hours so that you and your child can be in contact to ask questions and obtain extra help.  Office hours will occur Monday-Thursday, two-hours each day.

  • Fridays will be reserved for teacher staff meetings, collaboration, and professional development. No Zoom check-ins and office hours will occur on Fridays. Fridays are reserved for teacher staff meetings, collaboration, and professional development. 

WiFi and Technology

  • To support families without internet, by April 20, MVWSD is opening up outdoor wifi in the parking lots at Crittenden, District Office, Graham, Landels, Mistral, and Monta Loma for student use. 

  • Please review this resource to fix basic Chromebook issues (includes Spanis
  • For issues with Chromebooks, please contact MVWSD Technology at 650-526-3252 or
  • MVWSD uses a variety of methods to keep students and teachers safe online. Please visit our district website for more information.

Please review for all of MVWSD’s Distance Learning Plan’s links, directions and resources.

Our goals for Distance Learning are to keep students engaged, focus on the essential skills, and to maintain social connections. We are committed to providing rich learning opportunities while caring for our students’, and each other’s, emotional health.

We are grateful for your support and partnership.   The Stingray staff and I are here to help. Please reach out to your child’s teacher or contact our front office with any questions or support needed.


Ryan Santiago

Principal, Stevenson Elementary


Monday - Friday: Breakfast and lunch available to youth 18 or younger from 11:30 am to 1 pm at Gabriela Mistral Elementary, 505 Escuela Ave. 

MVWSD 2020-2021 Calendar Attached 


Emotional, logistics support resources for families

Our School Community Engagement Facilitators have teamed up to provide a list of resources for families. Sheltering in place and not being in our regular routines of work and school can be hard on our emotional and mental health, in addition to making access to meals, rent payments and other typical activities more difficult.

Click here for info about help with meals, rent, legal issues, emotional support and more. (Spanish)

Click here for a Letter from CHAC about services and tele-health appointments during school closure.


From the City: Sign up to get regular COVID-19 updates

The City of Mountain View’s strategic communications team is offering regular updates about COVID-19 response and resources. Residents may text 'MVCOVID' to 22828 to have the digest sent right to their emails every day. Here is the link to the latest issue. The City’s COVID-19 response and resources webpage is

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