Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


The mission of Stevenson Elementary School is to cultivate a life-long love of learning by educating the whole child (socially, emotionally, and intellectually) in a collaborative community.


Through a developmental approach and a rigorous hands-on education, Stevenson Elementary School will engage all students and ensure they realize their full potential as independent thinkers, life-long learners, and responsible citizens.

Mission and Vision


Respect: We consider the feelings, wishes, rights, and traditions of ourselves and others.

Resilience: When we encounter a difficult situation, we persevere, keep a positive attitude, stay optimistic, regulate our emotions, and learn from our setbacks.

Community: We embrace diversity of thought, a spirit of collaboration and open and honest communication between all stakeholders. Our community is formed around a commitment to the greater good, while respecting the needs of individuals.

Collaboration: We solve problems by listening to others, making compromises, and thinking interdependently. Our collective talent, intelligence, and creativity help us to achieve goals once thought unattainable.

Innovation: We explore, create, and invent as we learn in a variety of ways. We think inside and outside of the box as we tackle challenges, problem solve, and apply past knowledge to new situations. We value life-long learning.

Core Values Progressions

Core Values Progressions 1.pdf


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